Pisa & Lucca - 70 km from San Gimignano


The photo with the most famous leaning towers is a must, but Pisa is much more than that. It is enough to mention the entire Campo dei Miracoli with the Baptistery and the Cathedral, and of course the medieval historic center. The center is also animated by numerous bars and restaurants inserted in a frame of Romanesque buildings, Gothic churches and Renaissance squares.
Lucca can be defined as the only city in Italy where you can walk along a complete series of ancient city walls complete with towers in excellent condition, here you can enjoy a breathtaking view and take the best photographs of the city. Lucca is also called the "city of 100 churches" for its incredible collection of places of worship. During summer here takes place the Lucca Summer Festival with some of the most popular light music artists on the international scene. In October, Lucca becomes the perfect setting for the most important European event dedicated to the world of comics, video games and fantasy literature, the Lucca Comics & Games.