Volterra and the Etruscan people


With this tour you will have the chance of discovering the Etruscans, the ancient inhabitants of this land. Volterra is rich with examples of the architectonic and artistic genius of this population, whose origins are still nowadays a real mistery. You will enter the very heart of the town going through "Porta all'Arco", or through "Porta di Diana"; you can discover the Guarnacci Etruscan Museum with its collection of jewels , coins, which testify the high level of civilization of this population; you will then go on towards the Acropolis and the Etruscan Necropolis. Furthermore, Volterra preserves remnants of Ancient Roman ruins such as the Theatre, all this makes of Volterra a cradle for civilization. Do not skip a visit to the alabaster workshop. Alabaster is a stone which is extracted from local caves and then manufactured for statues and various different objects. A stroll down the small and narrow medieval alleys searching for hidden details, will complete your tour of this stunning and unique town.


WHEN: every day, departure from your accommodation



PRICE INCLUDES: minivan with English speaking driver, light lunch.

ORGANIZATION: Speed Your Wings. For more information, please contact the Turist Information Office, Piazza Duomo 1, San Gimignano; Tel. 0577 940008, info@sangimignano.com